Daughter 'miraculously' escapes house explosion that killed both parents

Investigators are still working to learn what caused the home explosion that devastated a family in Orion Township. Three daughters are now without parents after they were unable to escape and died in the fire.

The explosion happened about 8:30 p.m. Wednesday in the 400 block of Coats Road. Dave Mowen, a neighbor, tells us the sound was like nothing he's ever heard. He immediately rushed over to the house to help.

If it wasn't for him, 29-year-old Kim Dominguez may not have made it out alive. She was upstairs at the time.

"She was following my voice, the sound of my voice, to get through it," Mowen says. "I could not see in there whatsoever. I knew where nothing was; everything had all collapsed."

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When crews got to the house, they were met with an intense wall of fire. Flames were shooting some 50 feet into the air at points. Crews were unable to get to the other people in the home, Kathy and Bruce Dominguez.

"When you got a fire that hard, that big, it's really hard to get in there and try to do a search," says Orion Twp. Fire Chief Bob Smith. "Once we got the flames down where we could get in, we went in there and did a frantic search and it just didn't come out well."

2 killed in Orion Twp house explosion

We're told Bruce, who served three tours in Vietnam as a Marine, built the family's three-story house. The couple leaves behind three daughters, including the one who was able to escape.

"They were excellent neighbors; very quiet; kept to themselves. Loved their girls. Two daughters are coming in today," says Mowen.

"I'm still in awe that this young lady made it out," Smith says of Kim.

Authorities aren't sure yet what caused the house to explode.

We're told the house didn't have gas hooked up to the home, but that several propane tanks were found on the site. We're told the father also collected guns, so authorities are investigating if that may have played a role somehow.

The ATF is currently investigating the cause.