David Oyelowo on 'Captive' and the talk of black actors playing James Bond

Hot off the heels of success from 'Selma', Actor David Oyelowo joined The Nine to talk about his upcoming movie 'Captive,' a movie he says is about the miracle of a second chance. 

"A lot of people may know this story. In 2005, Brian Nichols broke out of the courthouse jail, killed a judge, the stenographer, a customs officer and a sheriff's deputy, and then took this lady Ashley Smith hostage for several hours. She was a meth addict, and somehow ... she talked him down, and he released her and gave himself up," Oyelowo explains.

"The thing that drew me to that story is -- nothing good should have come out of that day. And somehow, it was the point beyond with Ashley Smith, never touched meth again, got her life back and found new purpose in her life," he says. "That is kind of miraculous to me."

VIDEO: You can watch his full interview in the video player above. He also talks about his friendship with Oprah, and how his life has changed since 'Selma'.

One thing, he jokes, is that everyone pronounces his name correctly now. But he adds the success has also helped films like 'Captive' come to fruition.

Lee Thomas and Oyelowo also talk about how his name and actor Idris Elba's name have been rumored to be in talks about playing the next James Bond. Oyelowo wouldn't confirm or deny that, naturally, but he did have something to say on the matter.

"You know what I love about this conversation, is the fact that, whether it's going to be Bond or not, Idris Elba should be playing a role like Bond. He should be given that kind of opportunity, and I think that the audience are hankering for that. So, I hope that's what will happen, whether it's for him or for me or whatever - things are opening up in a way that is encouraging."

'Captive' hits theaters September 18.