Davontae Sanford investigation special

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Part 1 and 2: The Davontae Sanford case

Davontae Sanford's arrest, conviction, incarceration and eventual exoneration are the focus on Let It Rip tonight.

Why did it take so long to free him  when a notorious hit man Vincent Smothers had already confessed to the four murders Sanford was incarcerated for.

After nearly nine years in prison, can Davontae - now 23 years old - sue the state for time and freedom he's lost? And how many more innocent people are in prison, right now.

On the panel:

Rev. W. J. Rideout, community activist and family pastor for Davontae Sanford and his family.

Valerie Newman, one of Sanford's current attorneys who fought for his freedom.

Bill Proctor, former TV reporter, police officer and founder of Proving Innocence group.

Gabi Silver, attorney for Smothers

Part 3: On the Road

Like Davontae Sanford was, how many innocent people are locked up.