Day 6 of UAW strike against General Motors

Day six on the picket line. From the hot sun to pouring rain, UAW workers walked.

"There was actually a retiree and he had two surgical boots on both his feet and he was out here walking with us," said UAW GM Employee Michele Thomas.

Both sides of the negotiating table told FOX no new progress to report, talks continue Sunday morning.

"I really think GM is going to take a hard line stance and maybe my company then Ford will do the same thing," said UAW FCA Employee Antonio Jordan.

FCA employee Antonio Jordan joined the line Saturday at the Detroit Hamtramck Plant.

"What these guys are going through concerns me directly because of course what happens with their situation then it's our turn," Jordan said.

General Motors initial offer to the UAW consisted of 5400 new jobs, half of those are retained employees and a 7-billion-dollar investment in US operations over the next 4 years. That ended in a no deal.

"At the end of the day it's hurting us too but we aren't going to put up for just anything," said Flint Assembly Plant Employee Tremaine Fielder.

Up in Flint, a similar scene outside of Flint Assembly.

"I've actually been here since Sunday night I came out with Aramark," said Temp Employee at Flint Assembly Lorianne Dunnigan.

Vehicle City home, of a historical 54 day UAW strike in 1998, costing GM 2-billion in profits. This one, estimated losses of 50 to 100 million dollars per day.

"We are hoping it ends soon but if not we are in t for the long hall," said Dunnigan.

GM driving hard bargain here, they want to keep labor costs low to stay competitive. With a move towards electric and autonomous vehicles, they're bracing for major restructuring.

"They pump the line speed up; we go with it ok let's do it. You need the trucks, let's do it out. We give you what you ask for and we are asking you to give us what you need," Dunnigan said.