Day 9 of Detroit protests ends on a peaceful note

The protestors marched the streets of Detroit for the ninth night in a row to call for the end of police brutality, in the wake of George Floyd's Death. The black Minneapolis man died after a white police officer held is knee in his neck for more than 8 minutes. 

"My perspective is extremely visceral," said one protestor Damaris King. "I've had police officer's arms around my neck before. It was in a different state, but if it wasn't for one police officer stopping it, I probably would be here or have a story to tell."

Protestors gathered at the corner of Michigan and Third, like they have done every afternoon before taking their voices to the streets. 

"Seeing crowds of people of all ethnicities, all races and backgrounds, especially from all different parts of Metro Detroit areas coming together has been really inspiriting for me," said protestor Nada Daher. " 

Organizers have protests planned for every night in Detroit, not saying when they will decide to end the marches. 

"I'm really grateful for this," King said. "I'm grateful that the protests are happening."

The protesters marched for about 3 hours.