DDOT Workers expected to return to work, after the release of a written agreement

A memo between the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 26 and The Detroit Department of Transportation was released Sunday, in hopes of resolving a number of concerns brought to surface by Coach Operators, concerning their safety. 

The memo primarily highlights two issues: 
1)    The safety of DDOT workers, and the threat presented to them by customers and the public. 
2)    The coronavirus pandemic, and proper safety precautions. 

The agreement stems from DDOT affirming that the safety and security of all workers is a top priority for the department and city leaders. Officials with DDOT says “violence against Coach Operators will not be tolerated in any circumstance,” and they plan to take every precaution necessary to make sure no worker contracts COVID-19. 

Attached is a copy of the memo, which highlights new rules that will be set in place to make DDOT workers feel safe. 

Authorities with the Detroit Mayor’s Office say they’re expecting workers to return back to work tomorrow morning.