DeAndre Levy using Eastern Market mural for sexual assault awareness

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Former Detroit Lion DaAndre Levy and his wife are working to start a conversation about sexual assault in the city they call home, and it's starting with a mural turning heads at Eastern Market. 

“Nearly every girl I've known or dated in my life has had a story,” Levy said.

You might recognize DeAndre Levy as the former Detroit Lions Linebacker, now he's tackling a new issue of sexual assault. 

The movement inspired by his wife Desire Vincent Levy, a sexual assault survivor.

“It’s often dismissed as a women's issues but it effects all of us. It’s our hope to engage men in the conversation, their role as attackers and victims,”

They worked to commission this mural at Eastern Market by Detroit artist Sydney G. James and AskewOne of New Zealand. The artwork highlighted in a discussion on sexual assault Sunday afternoon at Eastern Market featuring speakers from area non-profits. 

“One of the things I love about my husband is because of my experience as a survivor he been really engaged and trying to educate himself to be a good ally to be active on this and a lot more men need to do that,” Desire Vincent Levy said.

Desire says that three organizations will benefit from sales of t-shirts and reprints of the mural to continue providing a safe place for survivors.

“Everyone taking ownership of the fact that this is all of ours to own, all of ours to fix, not just men's or women's issue to fix,” she said. 

They're hoping that anyone walking by the mural off Erskine near Russell Street takes pause to think about survivors and what can be done to prevent sexual assault. 

I don’t think we should necessarily wait for someone close to be victimize, to care, say something, or step in.

You can buy the shirts from this story at As a reminder all proceeds go to charity and the Levy's will match all profits generated from sales up to $25,000 to donate. Visit the link to make a donation.