Dearborn car dealership employee dies after accident on lot

An employee at a car dealership in Dearborn who was taken to the hospital in critical condition Tuesday morning has died from his injuries.

The 59-year-old Lincoln Park man was killed Tuesday morning. Dearborn police got the call around 7:00 am to a report of an accident at Ford Fairline near Michigan and Greenfield.

According to police, it appears the man was pinned between vehicles after moving them around in the parking lot - part of his daily routine. At some point, the victim was moving one car that then hit another one. He somehow got pinned between two vehicles.

"He was found pinned between two trucks. Jeff worked here for more than 20 years and everyone here will miss him dearly," Julie Walker, President of Fairlane Ford, said.

Police say it's too early to say for sure what happened but say it's possible that when he got out of the car, the vehicle kept moving and knocked him to the ground. Police are also not ruling out a medical condition.

The victim was unresponsive and taken to a nearby hospital where he alter died. Walker said safety is a top priority at the dealership.

"We are working hard to find out what happened early this morning. We're working very closely with the Dearborn police department."

Walker went on to say the victim had a great work ethic and always made sure the cars were spotless when delivered to their clients.

As of Tuesday evening, it appears this was a sad accident that may take more time to sort out.