Dearborn dentist warns against latest TikTok challenge: gluing on vampire teeth

Dentists are warning about a challenge of sorts that's gone viral on TikTok this Halloween season. The "challenge" is to use nail glue - or even superglue - to stick fake vampire teeth in the mouth. 

Videos with the hashtag “vampire fangs” have now been viewed on the app tens of millions of times, with one of those views coming from a Detroit-area dentist who's issuing a warning. 

Dentist Dr. Zainab Mackie of Dearborn says one night of Halloween fun can cause a nightmare forever.

"You risk removing that outer layer of the tooth, which is called the enamel, and then once you do that you're more prone to getting cavities. You can be more sensitive," she said. "And then if the nail glue gets stuck on your cheek or your gums, rubbing it off is just going to cause damage. You can get ulcers. It's just not a smart idea."

Not to mention, the glue is toxic. 

This isn’t the first, brainless trend on TikTok involving teeth.

"There's a big one with using a nail file to straighten your teeth, which is also very dangerous because if you don't know what you're doing or if you go too far you're going to cause more damage. You might need a crown, you might need a root canal and you're going to be more sensitive," Dr. Mackie said.

The doc says she’s actually inspired by these videos to get on the app herself and start educating young people. She posted her own video showing a safe alternative to getting the vampire look.

The safe alternatives? Using denture glue or ortho wax. 

Dr. Mackie actually just got a grant from TikTok to create more educational videos.

"That connection there, it is powerful. I get so many questions and there's a lot of engagement there and it's very surprising."

You can find Dr. Mackie's videos on TikTok under the name drzmackie