Dearborn Heights family loses everything in house fire

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A Dearborn Heights family's house went up in flames Sunday morning with everyone still inside. 

They got out with just the clothes on their backs and are trying to find their footing after losing nearly everything.

"We ran out, we grabbed the girls - Isabella, Tala," said Basema Ghandour. "We ran away barefooted with our pajamas."

Now, Basema Ghandour and her family are calling a hotel, home. FOX 2 met Ghandour, her daughter Tala and granddaughter Isabella at the Holiday Inn Express in Dearborn. 

"They are excited that they are in a hotel and on the other hand they keep asking about their stuff, when are we going home," she said.

The short answer: no time soon. The house they were renting -- a total loss. Many of their belongings from pictures to passports were destroyed. And who knows what insurance will cover.

"I been having rental insurance but the bad thing, I don't know what I signed for," Ghandour said.

Ghandour is from New Orleans and came to Michigan after Hurricane Katrina. This misfortune comes on the heels of another family tragedy -- Ghandour lost her son Mohammed five months ago.

"He had a heart attack out of nowhere," she said. "Just out of nowhere. It's been sudden death. It broke my heart."

Layla Elzein is trying to fix what's left of it. Her daughter goes to the same school as Tala and Isabella.
Elzein rallied the parent group to help the Ghandours after learning about the fire, the cause of which, is unclear.

"We got the girls clothes, we got them stuff to keep them busy in the hotel," she said. "We're all getting them gift cards to go out and get what they need. I know it's not going to replace what they lost, of couse, but it's a start."

And a GoFundMe campaign could help too.

"I always thank God that we're still healthy and alive, and there's good people like Layla to help us from the school, “Ghandour said.

You can help the Ghandours get back on their feet CLICK HERE.