Dearborn Heights man admits to killing four children as part of a plea deal

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On Wednesday Gregory Green confessed in court to killing his two children and two stepchildren in cold blood.

His admission is part of a plea agreement that could lead to a century long prison sentence.

"Mr. Green, do you understand what is going on today?"

"Yes.", said Gregory Green.

Green murdered his two biological daughters, four-year-old  Kaleigh and five-year-old Coi in September at his Dearborn Heights house.

He locked them in a running car and blocked the exhaust. The girls were killed by carbon monoxide poisoning.

Green then turned his terror on his then wife, Faith Harris. He shot her in the foot and slashed her face before making her watch him gun down her two children and his stepchildren, 19-year-old Chadney and 15-year-old Kara Allen .

"You indicated you took the life of Kaleigh Green, Coi Green, Kara Allen and Chandey Allen. Is that correct, sir?"

"Yes.", said Green.

"I cant really speak to my client's state of mind to be honest with you. All I know is that he's remorseful."

In exchange for pleading guilty to torture, assault and  four counts of second degree murder prosecutors dropped three other charges against Green.

The fifty-year-old will likely die in prison.

The plea deal includes a sentence of 47 to 100 years behind bars. 

A judge will make the final call during his sentencing which is scheduled for March 1st.