Decide the Fries: HopCat rolling out 3 new fry flavors

HopCat is expanding their famous fry menu. 

They're adding a new fry flavor alongside their signature Cosmik fries - and they want customers to vote on which one it will be. 

Starting on September 3, three new flavors of fries will be on the menu for you to try. Then, you can vote on which ones your favorite, and the winner will stay on the menu permanently. The contenders are Fiesta Fries, Funnel Cake Fries, or Shakshuka Spiced Fries. 

The Fiesta Fries are tossed in a spicy taco seasoning, and come with a side of sour cream. 

The Funnel cake Fries are tossed in salted caramel, and come with a chocolate dipping sauce. 

And the Shakshuka Spiced Fries are tossed in Libyan Pilpelchuma spice seasoning, and come with a side of their signature cheese sauce. 

You can vote online here starting September 3. 

HopCat is a restaurant and craft beer bar based in Grand Rapids, Mich. It has several locations throughout Michigan and other Midwest states. 

They're known for their beer selection and Cosmik Fries, which used to be known as Crack Fries. But earlier this year the company changed its branding, saying they didn't want to make light of drug addiction anymore. 

The new name of Cosmik Fries came from the founder's love of Frank Zappa. 

"One of Zappa's classic songs, "Cosmik Debris," mentions "the oil of Aphrodite" and "the dust of the great wazoo." We've yet to incorporate these ingredients into our seasoning, but you never know what the future holds," the press release said. 

Fox 2 reported on this story from Southfield, Mich.