Delapidated Pitcher School torn down in Detroit

For years, the former pitcher in Detroit has sat derelict and dilapidated. Now the former west side school is destroyed and gone, much to the relief of the neighbors.

The building closed its doors more than a decade ago due to low enrollment. Then it sat empty and decayed. 

There was a goal to turn it into a community center - but that fell through. Then it just got worse.

"It became an eyesore and it became a place of danger, to our children," said Patt Taylor Braxton, President of the community association.

The city answered the call and says this is part of a continued effort to rid the city of blight 

"Stabilize neighborhood, maybe increase home values, reduce any type of violence," said community manager Latrice McClendon.

Former Pitcher student Jennifer Pettway showed up with her mom Gloria Hill to see the demolition, which stirred up emotions and memories.

"This school was not just school. It was also family," said Pettway.

After the demolition is complete efforts will take place to turn this into an open green space.