Demonstrators want Shelby police chief fired for promoting police brutality, calling protesters 'subhumans'

Protesters outside Shelby Township Municipal Center want the chief of police remove from his job after he promoted police brutality on his Twitter account.

Chief Robert Shelide wrote the tweets from the now-deleted account "BobbyS @sheepdawg711." In one post he wanted to, "Unleash real cops and let them take care of these barbarians." In another  the chief called a group of protesters "wild savages ... saying, "I wish to God I would have been there. Body bags for these vicious subhumans."

Shelid admitted to posting it and issued an apology but protesters said he needs to resign or be fired by the city.

Demonstrators chanted 'No justice, no peace, no racist police' on Van Dyke in front of the Municipal Center to call for his removal. One of those protesters was Roseanne Follebout who said this isn't about the First Amendment.

"That's hate speech - that's not free speech - that's hate speech," she said.

Another protester, Amy Hollifield, said that if he's willing to say this online what would he do in real life?

"Somebody with that kind of emotion behind a computer screen can't be trusted to not show that emotion on the street. He does not belong in this position and he needs to resign. He needs to be removed," Hollifield said.

He also said the police force is "crippled by the politicians and the media." 

Candidate for township supervisor Grant Golasa said what the chief has said is enough to remove him from his job.

"I think the police chief needs to resign immediately. He did admit to making the statements yesterday and I believe that would be grounds for termination," Golasa said.

So far, the board has placed Shelide on paid leave, pending an investigation.

"We're not going to feel safe around here if police are being racist toward blacks and other colors," protester Armena Pollard said. "Experiencing racism down's very, very, terrible."

Protesters are demanding he resign or they will be back. 

"We're going to bring more people and we're going to shut down the city of Shelby Township until we get justice for everyone," activist Demeeko Williams said.

Shelide released a statement Thursday saying in part, "While an apology is insufficient and an insult to the gravity of my comments I humbly and respectfully ask for the courtesy of forgiveness to those I have offended - to my department and more importantly to those I am sworn to serve."