Detroit apartment tenants living without heat for days

People at a Detroit apartment say they've been living without heat in this dangerous cold for days and tonight they're trying to stay warm anyway they can.

Rosalind Pruitt says she's spent six days in subzero temps with no heat. She's one of about 20 units at Grenada Gardens off Greenfield in Detroit that's using a combination of steamed water and a hot oven to keep warm.

"It's just an inconvenience," she said.

She's actually up every two hours during the night to make sure a fire doesn't start.

"I hate to have to go this far to call you, but what is a person to do?" she said.

FOX 2 knocked on management's door to see what the issue was especially because it's been almost a week. They told us it would for sure be today. 

They're claiming it's only been a day.

"We haven't had heat all weekend," Tieara Brooks said.

Brooks is gone all day, working so she can't babysit a hot stove. She says it's been affecting her health.

"I'm asthmatic so if I continue to be cold like this it could flare up an asthma attack," she said.