Detroit area gym is training kids for American Ninja Warrior Junior

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Could your child be the next American Ninja Warrior?

It has become so popular - a local gym is training metro Detroit students to compete in this nationally televised event.

"I always wanted to be on the show and when I found out there was going to be an American Ninja Warrior Junior - (it was the) best day of my life," said Emilie Thibodeau.

The next best day was when Walled Lake Western freshman Emilie Thibodeau found out she was chosen to compete in American Ninja Warrior Junior.

"I think it was because of my personality and just my ninja skills," she said. "It was really cool watching myself on TV," she said. "It was the most amazing experience I could ever have." 

Emilie was not the only local student chosen, so was another Walled Lake student 12-year-old Claire Vachon and 12-year-old Al Alotta from Grosse Pointe Farms.

"I never wanted to quit, I wanted to keep going this has been my dream since I started," Al said.

"Be confident in yourself don't give up," Claire said.

The kids were ready to compete because of The Edge Training Center in commerce township. a gym that now specially trains 500 kids to compete in obstacles you see on the American Ninja Warrior Junior competition show.

And it has the guy who assists the show in calibrating challenging course as your head coach.

"All of that extra experience I get I can directly push to them that helps to drive them more," said Sam Sherbrooke, Edge Training head coach. "If I have direct experience on a certain obstacle that will amp them up a bit and get them to push little harder when they are here.

"It's cool to see the kids who aren't as driven by team sports have that thing that brings them together, because itis a community of 500 kids and they love it."

"I was like what if I fall, oh my God, everyone is going to laugh at me if I fall," Claire said. 

Claire's parents Liz and Steve Vachon talked about their experience on the sidelines.

"It was impressive terrifying exhilarating anxiety driven," Liz said.

"It was a lot of fun watching her," Steve said.

Claire and Al competed last summer in LA, but because their show hasn't aired yet - mums the word on what happened. But she has a message for all the other potential junior ninja's out there.

"I want them to know you can do anything you put your mind to," Claire said.