Detroit businessman's new revelations fizzle against city, mayor

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Bob Carmack shook up Detroit's political scene two weeks ago with video of Mayor Mike Duggan driving out to the suburbs for what Carmack says was a meeting with a mistress.

But what was supposed to be a second round of revelations never quite materialized Wednesday.

"You promised corruption," said WJR reporter Jim Ragulski.

For two weeks, Carmack had everyone from the media to Mayor Mike Duggan wondering what else he had up his sleeve.

Duggan even asked the Michigan State Police to investigate Carmack, claiming that he may have extorted him by hiring private investigators to follow the mayor on evening meetings with a woman who is not his wife.

Carmack keeping alleged embarrassing info on Detroit mayor to himself, for now

Carmack says it was just part of his campaign to expose corruption in city hall.

"I'm tired of corruption in Detroit," he said. "I am tired of corruption in politics. I just want to make a change in this world."

Carmack told reporters and photographers gathered at his collision shop on Michigan Avenue that the mayor is running a pay to play scheme.

"This administration here, one of their consultants asked me to pay $10,000, $20,000 dollars a month," Carmack said. "And then after I wouldn't pay him $10,000, $20,000 a month, then he said the administration doesn't like you."

But Carmack offered no evidence of extortion, beyond people asking him to donate money or quoting him a price for lobbying on his behalf.

The lobbyist Carmack cited has told me he actually declined to work with Carmack because the city didn't like Carmack's proposal.

Carmack also showed multiple clips of his appearances before city council trying to win support for a project he envisioned for the riverfront, prompting Duggan spokesman John Roach to retort:

"It's hard to tell why he called a press conference to show mostly old city council sessions. There really was nothing new he said that's worth commenting on."

Reporters who waited more than an hour and a half for revelations asked whether there really is more to come.

"It's going to come out," Carmack said. 

"When do you anticipate it coming out," said Vicki Thomas, reporter for 950 WWJ.

"In about a week," Carmack said.

Carmack, who made headlines with his surveillance video, would not say what else he has, but he did tease the media one more time before wrapping up.

"I have recordings and video, more," Carmack said. "But this is all I can tell you today."

Carmack said he decided to take a more conservative approach - withholding some further recordings for now - because Duggan called in the state police. It is a safe bet that he won't stay quiet for long.