Detroit cheerleaders dispute suspension after fight caught on tape

Nearly the entire cheerleading squad at Detroit Collegiate Preparatory High School at Northwestern has been suspended after a school fight was recorded. Some say the teens have been wrongfully dragged into the drama and that their kids weren't involved in the fight at all.

The fight in question happened last week about a block away from the high school. The video shows two high school girls throwing punches while dozens look on.

The cheerleaders say they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, and weren't involved in the fight.

"They always go to the gas station during practice to get snacks and stuff for practice," says Jaquela Mason, a parent of one of the suspended students. When the cheerleaders were headed back to school for practice, they say they happened by the fight.

"They said it was a gang-related fight. I jumped into a fight that another cheerleader had gotten into," says suspended student Jaylah Murray.

"I was just there. I was not fighting. I didn't swing, nothing. But yet I'm suspended with a CTM violation," says Makayla Harris.

Parents say between 8 to 15 cheerleaders are suspended.

"You don't have proof. You have word-of-mouth from he said, she said that they were there," says Mason.
"I'm a senior; I need all my credits. I don't need to be going through all this my last year of school," says Murray.

"Detroit Public Schools community district is fully committed to the safety of our students. We are strictly adhering to district protocol pending a full investigation of the incident," Jacqueline Robinson, the Executive Director of Communications said in a statement.

The president of the parent board at the school, Priscilla Tyus, says the students had no business leaving school property - and now they're facing the consequences.

"Whatever you are doing after school, you must remain on the campus. That's been said throughout the year," Priscilla Tyus says.

FOX 2's Dave Spencer reports students left a one-on-one meeting with the principal in tears, fearing the worst for their future.