Detroit Chief of Staff Alexis Wiley steps down to run Duggan re-election campaign, then launch PR firm

One of Detroit's most familiar faces is leaving City Hall. Alexis Wiley, the chief of staff for Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, is stepping down from the position, but she will still be working with the mayor.

Wiley says she is leaving her current role to run Mayor Duggan's re-election campaign. She first joined the city in 2014 as the mayor's press secretary.

Before that, Wiley was a reporter here at FOX 2 news for four years. She says she’s proud of the work she’s done to make Detroit a better place to live.

"I helped launch the first year of Grow Detroit's Young Talent," she said. "Where we took a program that was pretty much spread across the city, to creating one central program where kids in Detroit would be able to get summer job opportunities.

"And for families, that is so important. It is not just about a kid to have some money to buy new clothes. For a lot of kids, that money they make goes to help mom put gas in the car and put food on the table."

City of Detroit Chief of Staff Alexis Wiley.

After the re-election campaign, Wiley tells us she plans to start a consulting firm will specialize in public relations and community engagement. That’s something she says she learned a lot about while working inside City Hall.

Alexis also plans to stay in Detroit -- which she says is her home.

City of Detroit Chief of Staff Alexis Wiley.