Detroit church celebrates woman's 106th birthday with celebratory drive-by parade

Cars in a celebration procession honked, waved and wished "Mother Mozelle" Williams a happy birthday, celebrating 106 years.

"Thank you," she said, waving back.

Mother Mozelle was dressed up to greet her adoring fans from her religious home, Russell Street Baptist Church - a church that's only 104 years old.

"We love her - everybody loves mother Mozelle," said Pastor Dee Dee M. Coleman. "She's gotten all dressed up just for us - so we will be singing happy birthday to Mama."

She looked as regal as ever, with her crown on her head.

Someone asked, "How old are you today?"

"Forty-five," she quipped.

Still sharp with a great sense of humor, she said she gives all the glory to God.

"Can you tell the people what's your secret for looking so good and living so long - what's your secret?" someone asked.

"Love God with all your heart," she said. "He's the one that brought me through it all."

Her church family is so glad to be there - grateful to be celebrating another year with Mother Mozelle - even if it is through the windows at the Hartford Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center.

"As we get through this we hope to celebrate with her back in the church house soon," said Harold Collins.

But for now they will celebrate this beautiful woman with a parade.

"Today is such a glorious day," said Carolyn Hayes. "And I thank God I am alive to celebrate life with Mother Moselle Williams.