Detroit Council rejects Autorama stunt, citing confederate flag

This is the motor city, but that doesn't mean everything-auto will go.

On Tuesday, the Detroit City Council rejected Autorama's request for stunt jump, accusing the event of promoting Confederate imagery. The 67th annual hot rod and custom car show is scheduled for March 1, however the jump involving a "Smokey and the Bandit" replica car, from the 1977 Burt Reynold's movie will not be on display - due to the Confederate flag shown on the front license plate.

"It is not appropriate then, and it is not appropriate now," said Councilman Scott Benson.

Members of the council said that because the city is an African American majority population, it's unacceptable to feature such symbols.

"Autorama, which has a history in the city of Detroit, also has a history of supporting imagery and symbols of racism, oppression and white supremacy as well as American, home-bred terrorism right here in the United States," Councilman Scott Benson said Tuesday during the Detroit City Council meeting.

In 2017, the car show featured a "Dukes of Hazzard" car during a stund jump, which is known for an iconographic Confederate flag painted on the roof of the vehicle. That year, the Autorama president was asked not to include any confederate imagery, however that request was ignored. 

Which is why the Detroit City Council isn't interested in anymore promises.