Detroit couple struggling after botched repairs ruin home

In an effort to stay in Detroit, one couple sought help from the city to pay for remodeling, but the couple says the contractor that did the work left their house in even worse shape.

"We love the City of Detroit and we just want to be a part of the renaissance of Detroit," Deborah Connyer said.

That desire to stay in Detroit led the Connyers to enter into what they call an agreement with the City of Detroit to get a 0 percent interest loan to repair their home.

"We needed gutters, we needed a new roof," Deborah said.

They also needed new siding, but the Connyers say when the contractor started the job a week late but then, once they completed the work, they knew there were problems.

The Connyers say their hopes of having their home renovated soon faded when they saw what was happening to their home.

"Once they got the roof (done), we had some people come and put the new tiles in and everything, and then as soon as they left ... the second day, it rained and we got this kind of soaked," Cecil said, pointing to the ceiling.

The Connyers say there are more problems in other parts of the house that were caused when the contractor removed the gutters.

"Never have we gotten leaks like we have after they left us with no gutters and everything, cause of all the water that's coming of the top roof, it wasn't coming down before because we had gutters," Cecil said.

The couple contacted GS Group, which is the construction manager representing the City of Detroit.

"And still today nobody can tell me why they stopped the job," Cecil said.

FOX 2 also contacted GS Group, who say they are trying to work with the couple and gave them several options to resolve the issue.

"One of which would be terminating the contractor and I gave them several other options and they said, 'Well OK we'll terminate the contractor,' so then after we got to that point, they called me back and said they wanted arbitration," said Denise Griffith of GS Group.

GS Group says they have successfully completed 200 construction cases and their objective is to do the same for the Connyers.

"We have done everything possible to try to get this job back on track including allowing them to use their contractor," Griffith said.

The couple says after trying to work things out for weeks they just want out of the contract.

"I want to be done with everything because nobody else wants to come and undo some stuff the city did and not get credit for it," Cecil said.

But GS Group says they want another satisfied customer.

"Let's us come in and finish the work," Griffith said.