Detroit drainage fees; DPD & The Innocence Project

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Part 1: Detroit drainage fees

We take a dive into the controversy over the Detroit's new drainage fees - and why some residents are now suing the city -- claiming the fee is unfair.

On the panel:

Gary Brown, director of Detroit Water and Sewerage Department.

Jayne Carver, upset resident

Lisa Walinske, attorney who filed lawsuit

Part 2: DPD & The Innocence Project

Last summer 23-year-old Davontae Sanford was reunited with his family after spending nine years behind bars for a crime he didn't commit.

But how many more innocent men and woman are imprisoned? They say far too many. Now Detroit Police Chief James Craig is vowing to get involved.

On the panel:

Julie Hurwitz, Civil Rights attorney.

Bill Proctor, former TV reporter, founder of The Innocence Project

Part 3 On the Road

Charlie Langton asks metro Detroit how many people are in prison that are actually innocent.