Detroit-DTW shuttle starts nonstop service Monday

The sun hadn't yet risen on Monday and the first of hopefully many daily trips between downtown and the metro airport had already been completed. 

The pilot shuttle service taking people from Detroit to DTW launched the first of its 16 daily rides, and Cleveland Mosley was one of the first to experience the groundbreaking route.

"Oh, it's super. It's super. It's really super. It's beautiful," he said.

Who knew public transit could be beautiful?

The organizers behind the new service at the Regional Transit Authority had worked for months to come up with a means of getting people to the airport quickly and cheaply. In a region that's lacking in public transportation infrastructure that other cities have, one has to start somewhere.

According to the director of the RTA, there was no request he heard more than coming up with an easier way of getting people to and from the airport. 

Unless someone has access to a car, they'd have to take a city bus that could take hours from Detroit. They could also take an Uber, but it won't be cheap.

The trips onboard the Detroit Air Xpress will cost $6 if tickets are bought ahead of time and $8 at the door. When construction doesn't get in the way, the trips should take around 40 minutes. 

"It feels awesome to launch this today. We are so excited to bring this to the community," said Corri Wofford, external affairs director at the RTA. "DAX - Detroit Air Xpress as we are calling it - it's going to be a game changer."

Find ticket information and scheduling help here.


Nonstop Detroit-to-DTW bus program kicks off with high hopes for public transit

It will cost someone $6 to get to the airport from Detroit using the new program.