Detroit family loses everything in house fire

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A grandmother devastated after a fire destroys the home she shares with her two sons and two grandchildren.

No one was hurt. The fire wiped out everything they own but Latricia Walker felt hopeless Thursday.

"To come home and see this like this, I was crushed," she said. "When I looked at my house it was like a dream. A bad dream."

Walker says Tuesday morning she lost her cell phone, so she went over to her mother's house along with her two sons and two young granddaughters. But while they were away, Walker's home on Kenmoor, went up in flames.

"I say it was nothing but God because if I would have had my cell phone, I would've stayed at home," she said.

Speaking with neighbors and hearing of the blaze, Walker, drove back to her home to find a burned out shell.

"I'm thankful to God nobody lost their life," she said. "But I have nothing."

Walker says the apparent electrical fire started in the kitchen, but quickly began spreading through the entire home. Clothing, furniture, photos, memories are now, all rubble.

"To come home and have nothing, it's the worst feeling ever," she said.

FOX 2: "Where are you staying now?"

"A hotel," she said. "The Red Cross helped us for a couple nights but I don't know what I'm going to do after that."

With support for her family, Walker says, she's not usually one to ask for help but: "I'm going to put my pride to the side, because I really need help."

Without insurance, she and her family are forced to start over. Walker calls any help they can get, a miracle.

"Nothing is too small," she said. "Nothing at all. I have nothing."

CLICK HERE TO DONATE to the family's GoFundMe account. Furniture, appliances, clothing, are all needed. Clothing is needed in men’s sizes, along with girls’ clothing in size 10-12 and 12-18 months.  Email the family at