Detroit family watches neighborhood, house fall down around them

It is a familiar story in Detroit, the number of vacant houses on one block outnumber the amount of people that live there.

That's the case for a family that lives on Rohns in Detroit. When the house started falling in, that's when the mother of four living in the house reached her breaking point.

Nicole Roberts, a resident of Detroit says the blight in her neighborhood is not a pretty sight.

Some residents have taken the cleanup into their own hands, cleaning and cutting down overgrown foliage but often times that is not nearly enough.

Nicole Roberts says that she has even been out in the garbage with a knife trying to clear it.

The Moses family has done their best to clean up what they can even though it’s not their mess to clean up.

“People said they have seen a raccoon the size of a dog walking through here, it's pretty scary really," said Roberts.

They know the problem isn’t just on their block, these residents are just wondering after ten years when will it be their turn to see a wrecking ball come through. 

Charlene Richards says she doesn’t believe the city does anything because there is no money to do anything about the problem.

Charlene is partly right. According to the city, their block falls out of the hardest hit zone which uses federal demolition funds.

After a call from Fox 2, a city inspector checked out the house and determined its structurally sound at the moment and shouldn't pose a safety risk of falling on their property.

However, the city is confident more money could expand the federal demo zone to include this and others on the block soon.

According to a city spokesperson, Detroit has knocked down 10,600 houses in two and a half years and hopes to double that number over the same time frame.