Detroit family without power 3 weeks after former owner flagged for theft

A family says they've been getting the cold shoulder from DTE, living without power for three weeks after temperatures dip below freezing.

Linda O'Neal of Detroit and her family have been renting a home on Sawyer Street on the city's west side for three months. She says when she moved in, things seemed fine. But two billing cycles later, O'Neal says the you-know-what hit the fan.

She says a woman knocked on her door, telling her her lights were going to be cut off. Now she's heating her home with a stove and borrowing a generator. 

O'Neal says she was then presented with a big bill and when she called DTE, she says she was told the home had been flagged for theft. Apparently the former tenant had been pirating power. She says she has called so many times and she can't remember how many people she's spoken to.

As if they're not going through enough, last week tried to steal their generator. O'Neal then also noticrf her meter was missing and called DTE again -- and FOX 2. But finally Tuesday, a spokesperson with DTE described O'Neal's situation as "long and complex." They say DTE has been trying to get the billing resolved since November 2, but when they discovered signs of theft it became even more complicated.

But DTE says the block on O'Neal's account has been removed, promising her power will be restored no later than Tuesday evening.