Detroit firefighters honored for saving children in housefire

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A home on Detroit's west side went up in flames, with four kids and their mother inside.
They were saved. thanks to the help of Detroit firefighters last spring. Now we're hearing from two heroes who raced into danger and saved two young lives.

FOX 2: These are lives that are just beginning and because of you, they get to live.  That must be an amazing feeling."

"Yes, it is very emotional," said Jamol West, Detroit Fire Department. "Because you see them living and you see that they are okay and it makes you feel alright. You're like 'I did a good job today.'"

More than a good job - a lifesaving job. Rushing towards the fire, back in March saving two young children the most precious thing Iesha Reynolds has.

"I was just screaming I can't bury my babies - I prayed that somebody help me," she said.

All because of Detroit firefighters Jamol West and Eric Jones II, Reynolds didn't have to. They were there when she needed them.
"I put my (air) tank on, I go upstairs, I am searching for the kid I see a lot of people searching different rooms," said West. "I go in the back and immediately I feel them and I notice the child isn't moving."

West had her baby, then rushing the child to the medics.

"Once I got the child out, I didn't know if she was alive, I didn't know if she was going to make it," West said. "I was relieved after everything was done and we could go to the hospital, the doctors said she was recovering and I was like, okay, I can breathe now."

Jones, just moments before, had gotten another of Iesha's small children out of the house fire.

"I immediately advance right up the stairs, went through the door and crawled my way to find them," he said. "Luckily I came across one got one and that's when Jamol came in right behind me."

They and other Detroit heroes were honored at the Above and Beyond awards Thursday night.

"It was a nice event, it was nice award they gave us," Jones said. "The best reward was seeing the children alive."