Detroit gas station clerk shoots at chip thief, hits man with him instead

The wrong man was shot at a Detroit gas station and seriously hurt, after police say the clerk was instead trying to shoot the victim's acquaintance who was stealing chips.

This happened at the Shell gas station at the corner of W Warren and Southfield Road just after 10:30 p.m. Tuesday. 

Surveillance video shows the two men arguing with the clerk as they make their way out of the shop. The man in the white shirt bends over and can be seen filling his arms with multiple bags of potato chips before heading towards the door. 

The man in the blue outfit is holding the door open, and the clerk can be seen yelling after the guys as they walk out together. Then the clerk fires one shot, and the man in the blue outfit was hit in the chest. 

The two can then be seen running through the parking lot, and the man who was shot is holding his chest. 

You can watch in the video player above.

He's in the hospital in serious condition right now. 

Both the 27-year-old clerk and the suspected shoplifter are in custody this morning.