Detroit Golf Club ready for Rocket Mortgage Classic

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The Rocket Mortgage Classic is bringing the PGA tour to Detroit for the first time ever - as well as an economic boost and a little beautification for the neighborhoods.

Tuesday, the first activities at the Detroit Golf Club begin for the event and Tiger Woods won't be playing, but consider how sensationally big this is for Detroit and the area.

The Detroit Golf Club course is stunning outside the boundaries of the tour, workers are shining things up and putting some proverbial polish on everything.

In the spring the commissioner of the PGA Tour said the local economic impact is expected to be in the "tens of millions of dollars." A spokesperson says that’s based on what's happened with previous tours in similar markets - although that's very hard to predict.

"It's a big thing for us finding a way to activate and turn on and celebrate the city, is a priority of our event," said Jason Langwell, executive director of the Rocket Mortgage Classic 

There have been a number of cleanup days leading up to the tour. The former State Fair Grounds for example, got some debris removal.

"Find a way to leave it better than we found it," said Langwell.


There is a pro-am party happening in downtown Detroit, usually it happens closer to the golf course - but officials say they really wanted to celebrate the city get people out enjoying downtown and see what the city has to offer.