Detroit high school students visit Microsoft office, learn about careers in technology

Joebell Arnold attends West Side Academy high school. He was just hired as an intern for Microsoft.

And he's 16 years old.

"It was amazing, my teacher talked to some people she knows and we talked to a couple people," Arnold said, "and they got me an internship."

Not every one of the 125 high school students at the Microsoft office carry the same prestige as Arnold, but they did share a common interest attending the Campus Maritus location Friday: a potential career in technology.

"They basically give us examples of careers in the technology field," said Connor Robinson, a student at Cass Tech. "They showed us about how we can set up our own LinkedIn pages and then we can connect to people in the industry we want to work with..."

It might be programming or coding. Or perhaps its sales. Any career option was on the table at the office. One of 14 cities hosting the event, Microsoft executives are hoping to help students wade into the world of technology.

"It makes me want to push more and succeed in my life and do what I want," said Desintee Shelly.

For people watching over the event, days like these means making it easier for interested students to inquire and learn about a career in coding.

"I grew up in the city of Detroit so when I see these kids, I see me," said Jillian Blackwell, of Microsoft. "It took me years to get to where I am, so it should not take years for them to get to where I am."