Detroit homes endure low water pressure for weeks

One local family is fed up with low water pressure plaguing their home for weeks now.

Dena Chambliss says water pressure at her home on Mt. Elliott Street has been low for almost two weeks -- low enough to the point where it's impossible to run water or take a shower.

"The water is barely dripping. And I mean, no pressure," she said.

So for now, Chambliss says she and her family are relying on baby wipes.

She said she spoke with neighbors and parents who live close by and they're experiencing the same problem.

"It's the same for us too. I have a sick mother also so we really need our hot water to be working so that we can wash her up," Mary Brown said.

Chambliss says someone was working on the water and shut it off completely on Monday and Tuesday without notifying her.

The water's back on, but the water pressure is still low.

Chambliss says she has been contacting the city throughout this ordeal and this time she was told:

"They're possibly working in the area because we did not shut your water off," she said.

This resident says she's doing what she can to get by, but she says she needs DWSD to provide some answers.

FOX 2 reached out to officials and were told the Great Lakes Water Authortiy and the DWSD are working together to fix the problem.

Fed up, Chambliss just wants this situation to get fixed.