Detroit is the second-most stressed city in America, study finds

Detroit skyline

It's not just you, people really are stressed these days. And according to one study, Detroit is one of the most stressed-out cities in America.

A new survey measuring the daily pressures that people face as it relates to money, work, family, and health found that Detroit is the second-most stressed out city in America. That includes scoring the highest for stress for health and safety and second-highest for money.

That's according to a ranking from WalletHub, which scored 182 cities across 40 different metrics. Cleveland came in first. At the bottom - or the least-stressed city - is Fremont California.

The other city in Michigan that made the list is Grand Rapids, which ranked at 119.

To come up with their ranking, the website weighed forms of stress from work, money, family, and public health:

  • For work, the website used average hours worked, job security, traffic congestion, commute time, and the unemployment rate.
  • For money, they used metrics like foreclosure and bankruptcy rates, the poverty rate, and housing affordability.
  • Family stress related to the divorce rate and child care costs
  • Health and safety included rates of vaccination, mental health, and the suicide rate.

According to a recent survey conducted by the American Psychological Association, 87% of Americans are stressed about inflation, while 80% are stressed about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

And these are just the latest issues on American's minds. Issues like gun violence, climate change, and rising COVID-19 cases are also contributing towards increased stress levels.