U Matter suicide prevention helps teens in crisis

Jenna had dealt with anxiety and depression and engaging in unhealthy behaviors. But when she found the U Matter suicide prevention program through The Friendship Circle in West Bloomfield - she found help for herself and a way to help others.

How social media affects the mental health of teens

7 out of 10 American teens say depression and anxiety is a part of their daily life. Across Metro Detroit, schools have places for teens to help teens. In this video, we explore how social media is to blame for the loneliness of Generation Z

The science of your brain

Your brain is a complex organ that goes through rhythms and cycles. Most people know it's misfiring, it can affect your thoughts and emotions. In this video, we explore how the brain functions and the new things we're learning every day about it.

Jessica Starr

Every 13 minutes, someone in the U.S. takes their life. Every 14 minutes, someone is left to try to make sense of it. Jessica Starr's death by suicide devastated her family and rocked FOX 2 - including the faithful viewers and fans.

Special K

Ketamine is most commonly known as a party drug 'special K' but it has a new use on mental illness. Roughly 16 million Americans suffer some sort of major depression and 30% won't respond to oral anti-depressant therapy. It's mostly women. But there is hope and it can trace its roots to the 1980s.

Joe Harris

Six million men in America are diagnosed with depression every year. Those are the men who actually seek help. It's no secret that men don't open up very easily. An estimated three million men suffer from daily anxiety and death by suicide is the seventh-leading cause of death for men. The stigma surround mental health is crippling and preventing many men from seeking help.


Carleigh is 15 years old. She's doing everything a typical teenager does and, on the day we talked with her, she was spending some time with her dog. It was a bright spot at the end of the day for the accomplished teen who has spent years working on herself. Carleigh was adopted as an infant from China and her family as overjoyed with their beautiful girl. Life was happy and a whirlwind of activity. But that changed by the 4th grade.

Bill to let counselors keep diagnosing is sent to Gov. Whitmer

Lawmakers voted Thursday to update Michigan's law so that 10,000 counselors can continue diagnosing mental disorders and using psychotherapy techniques amid concerns over regulators' plan to revise licensing rules governing the profession.

Brain Science

The human brain is an amazingly complex and intricate bioelectrical organ that experience various rhythms and cycles. Most people know when there are misfirings in their brains, that can affect thoughts and emotions. But few understand the effect they can have on your physical ability and well-being.