Detroit man gets 27-40 years for murdering estranged wife

A Detroit man who pleaded guilty to murdering his estranged wife will spend at least 27 years behind bars.

Gregory McQueen pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in connection with the death of 28-year-old Alisha McQueen. She was reported missing in March of last year.

Her remains were eventually found encased in cement at a home in Ecorse last September.

The last time anyone heard from Alisha was in a bizarre text message sent to her mother saying "Green F-150."  At the time, Alisha's sister Tanisha Holloway told FOX 2 that Alisha's estranged husband drove a green F-150. The two were living separately at the time.  

In late August a neighbor found what appeared to be human bones on Mill Street in Ecorse. Police discovered more bones and clothing in the same area along with large pieces of cement with embedded human remains. The investigation revealed the remains belonged to Alisha.

Alisha's family told FOX 2 that she had been planning to leave Gregory, but that he was violent and began stalking her. 

"You really thought you had a hold on Alisha," Tanisha read from her victim impact statement at sentencing, "but truth be told it was her loving nature that made her stick by you. She felt sorry for you. She wanted you to grow and be the best you could be, and she refused to give up on you until she realized her happiness mattered too. Her legacy will be raised to be nothing like you."

Gregory addressed his kids when he spoke as well, saying he's sorry they have to go through this and that he prays they all reach out to him one day with questions. He also said he hopes his in-laws can forgive him, and that everyone involved can find the strength to move forward with life. He said what happened was "not intentional."

"We know you're not sorry for what you did, given the circumstances around how she was found," Tanisha also said to Gregory. 

Gregory's sentence was according to the agreement and was 27-40 years for murder, and another 5-10 years for mutilation. 

Court records show Gregory has previously been charged with child abuse, home invasion, drug and weapons charges and assault with intent to do great bodily harm. 

In February of 2019, Gregory was one of two inmates who briefly escaped from the courthouse in Lincoln Park. It was a botched escape attempt that included a foot chase, a scuffle with police and a gunshot before he and another guy ended up back in handcuffs.