Detroit man shot during argument over a trash can

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An argument over a trash can ends in gunfire on Detroit's west side - now one man in in handcuffs and the other is in the hospital.

The victim managed to stumble to a neighbor's house for help after the incident which began with an altercation between neighbors on Snowden Street Tuesday morning.

"All I heard was two shots," said Ellis Holton, a neighbor. "Boom, boom. The bullet hit my driveway."

Detroit police say the shots rang out around 9:45 p.m. Holton, hiding from the bullets, says two minutes later someone rang his doorbell.

"I'm (not) going to go outside when someone is shooting, you know," said Holton. "I look out my window and I see this guy bleeding from his leg."

Holton says he ran out and tried to help the man bleeding in his driveway and realized it was his 44-year-old next-door neighbor. Then, Holton quickly noticed his other neighbor.

"As he got close to the guy across the street and he ran back, the guy still had the gun, you know," he said.

Detroit police arriving and arresting the 73-year-old shooter, who apparently, police say, decided to grab his shotgun after an argument over a garbage can.

"It's bad," Holton said. "It's bad."