Detroit man's nonprofit raises money to help children in Liberia

Liberia is Africa’s oldest Republic and the only Black State on the continent never subjected to Colonial rule.

Free Blacks and formerly enslaved people emigrated to the country in the early- to mid-1800s. More than a century later Liberia would be plagued by a devastating civil war, starting in the 1990s and ending in 2003.

The war-torn country has been left with failing infrastructure, poverty, and food insecurity while rebuilding is still ongoing.

"Talking about it is very hard, to see children go to school and have no means to eat at all," said Anthony Watson, fighting back tears.

At least 150,000 people were killed in Liberia’s civil war. In 2004 a year after the cease fire, there were 200,000 refugees.

In the years of rebuilding things have improved, but economic growth has been stagnant and unemployment high. Children have perhaps the greatest need where the civil war legacy has left dismantled schools.

"That’s where Loving Arms for Liberia comes in, saying we want to change that idea of it, and say we can give children the opportunity to go to school," Watson said. "You can not help somebody if they don’t have education to help themselves."

Anthony Watson through his nonprofit, has brought computers, clothing, books and water infrastructure to his native country. Most recently he has been building computer labs, providing access to the internet - something as Americans, we take for granted.

"Enable them to see the gateway of the world, be able to reach out to apply for scholarships and jobs," Watson said.

And he’s providing the most basic.

"It might seem little to you, is feeding these children, just giving them food to eat - that’s the biggest thing," he said. "You can see the smile on their faces as they’re handed a meal to eat."

"We African-Americans in this country (should) say we can make a difference in Liberia," he said. "Please do your research and find out how close I am. I’m a brother, I’m a sister to you."

The need is truly great. Loving Arms for Liberia also goes to what are known as blind camps to provide food and buy mattresses for the people there.

Right now they only have the financial means to help once a month, but they do have a fundraiser coming up.

If you would like to donate or buy tickets, GO HERE.