Detroit mom: daughter, 6, put on wrong bus, sent 4 miles from home

A Detroit mom says her 6-year-old daughter has had multiple problems with the school bus company that's supposed to take her to and from school, including dropping her off miles away from home and putting her on the wrong bus.

Kayla Golston's daughter goes to Palmer Park Prep in Detroit and, recently, her mom decided to let her start riding the bus. 

She already regrets the decision.

"She got left at school and that was our first day when I called them, they said it was a mixup with the bus route numbers," Golston said.

She said school officials said everything was resolved, until the next day when she got a disturbing phone call.

"Telling me my daughter had been on wrong bus and that she was all the way at 8 Mile And Meyers and we stay on 6 and Woodward. She was over four miles away from home and they let her off the bus without any guardianship," she said.

Golston says her heart was racing for her daughter but she was brought home safe later that day by a grandmother of another student.

This week, Golston's daughter again had a problem.

"She said she never recognized her and did not let her get on the bus," she said.

Golston's concerned about other students and wants the school bus drivers to use a checklist to make sure everyone who's supposed to be on the bus, is on the bus.

FOX 2 contacted DPSCD about the bus service for the school and school administrators released this statement:

"It is our understanding that the principal is working with the parent and the Office of Transportation has intervened to ensure the bus company and the school are working together to resolve the current issues and develop a plan moving forward. The principal indicated that the child will be walked to the bus by her teacher at dismissal."

Golston is now pulling her daughter off the bus and says they'll walk to and from school. She says it's the only way they can have peace of mind.