Detroit NAACP voting hotline open for help in case of trouble at the polls

The NAACP is working to protecting the rights of voters on Election Day one phone call at a time.

"We have people here to answer voter questions concerns," said Khalilah Spencer. 

The war room inside the headquarters of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Detroit Chapter. Spencer is the chair of the Michigan State Conference NAACP Legal Redress Committee.

"We're getting calls about tabulators being down, long lines at polls," Spencer said. "We're getting calls from absentee voters who are at polls because they didn't receive their ballots." 

Just last week this NAACP local chapter announced it would bring together a team of polling site monitors and attorneys to stamp out intimidation at polling sites on Election Day. The organization also established a voter hotline.

One complaint this organization received was about a robocall to Flint residents that because of long lines these voters should vote on Wednesday.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel took to Twitter to say the information is false.

"We have received those calls, we were part of the group that referred them to the Attorney General. At the end of the day do not believe in anything that's not from a reliable source."

Once calls come to the NAACP hotline the information is recorded here for investigation.

"We will deploy our challengers," Spencer said. "We do have people who are stationed at voting locations in Detroit.  If an issue is elevated we will send additional challengers out." 

The organization is also holding government officials accountable.

"We're calling the clerk about the tabulator issues. If there are concerns about poll workers not having resources we are able to get resources to them," he said.

If you experience issues or have questions call 313-664-2424 until 8 p.m.