Detroit officer shot by suspect with sawed-off shotgun

A Detroit police officer was shot late Monday night while chasing down a suspect on a crime spree.

We're told the officer was shot in the shoulder with a sawed-off shotgun in the area of 7 Mile and Hayes roads around 11 p.m. The injury was not life-threatening and the officer is expected to make a full recovery.

Police were able to arrest the 21-year-old suspect, Marquis Cromer, who they say was in the middle of an hours-long crime spree.

"A domestic call came out; it was about a shooting incident where he shot his father or stepfather; we're not certain. That's what started the crime spree. Carjacked a vehicle after that, same day, a couple hours later after shooting that victim and we were able to locate him today and make the arrest after he shot our supervisor," says Detroit Police Chief James Craig.

Barely able to stand Abuhamra Elhady of Hamtramck described the moment he encountered Cromer police say only hours after shooting his father, then a Detroit police sergeant.

"He shot me right through my abdomen and it went clean through to my leg," he said.

Elhady said Cromer seemed "off," like he may have been on drugs.

Detroit police say Cromer's violent crime spree began at his father’s home on Dickerson on Sunday afternoon.

Sterling Cromer tells FOX 2, he was about to sit down for dinner when it happened.

"Next thing I know we heard fire," he said. "He just started shooting for no apparent reason at all."

After shooting his father in the foot, police say Cromer stole his sister's car and just an hour and a half later, showed up at a car wash on Conant in Hamtramck, where Elhady says Cromer asked him for a ride. Elhady said he told Cromer he couldn't take him.

"He takes this shot gun out of his pants and then he was like, 'Get the F out of the car,'" Elhady said. "So as I opened my door and I'm getting out of my car, that's when he shot me."

Although running away, Cromer's sister and her boyfriend tacked him down, finding him near 7 Mile and Hayes. He turned that sawed-off shotgun on the cops. Sgt. Kenneth Stiel -- a 20-year veteran -- was shot in the shoulder. Stiel is still recovering in the hospital Tuesday.

Craig says Stiel is in good spirits and wants to return to work.

"Your attitude results in your altitude, and I really believe that. I really believe that he's going to heal successfully," he said.

Although arraigned Tuesday on four charges including assault with intent to commit murder, Cromer was not cooperating.

His bond was set at $750,000 dollars cash.

Cromer's father says his son is mentally ill but refused help. Sterling Cromer says he's just relieved everyone is okay and is apologizing for his son's actions.