Detroit party store firebombed 6 times in 8 months

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Surveillance video shows two arsonists running away after igniting a liquor store on Detroit's east side.

The same Piper Liquor store has been firebombed a total of six times and they've only been open eight months.

"It's more disappointing than frustrating, honestly," said co-owner Romina Odisho.

Co-owner of Piper Liquor on Nevada Street on Detroit's east side, Odisho is discouraged Wednesday, stuck cleaning up after some reckless arsonists.

"We have no idea why somebody would want to do this," Odisho said.

The popular party store was firebombed late Tuesday night. when with customers still inside someone threw a firebomb into the store.

Two aisles full of groceries caught fire - and it could have been worse.
"The aisle they hit is right next to the chemical aisle," she said. 

Thankfully no one was hurt in the latest of six fires set, since the shop opened in May. The store has video from June when the store was hit twice in just a week.

"They don't rob, they don't break in, they set the place on fire and leave," Odisho said.

Odisho says the damage from those six fires combined, has cost her family more than $20,000.

Detroit police reviewed surveillance video from Tuesday's flames, but Odisho says she believes it's the same men.

"We cannot see their faces, they have masks on and hoods on," she said.

Odisho and her family th this spot to open up shop, would have been safe since they're right across the street from Detroit police.

"The police station is seeing something," she said. "These people are not scared of the 11th precinct I guess."