Detroit Piston Reggie Jackson opens 8th literacy lounge in Detroit school

Detroit Piston Reggie Jackson making moves off the basketball court with the unveiling of his foundation's newest Literacy Lounge at Gardner Elementary School in Detroit 

"I love it because of all these colors," said third grader Taji Parker.

"It's really cool when I first walked in I saw a basketball and stuff," said third grader Damontay Shufford,

The school's principal believes this lounge will help motivate her students to reach for the stars as they reach for a book

"Reading is of the upmost importance because if you can't read there's not much else that you're able to do," said Principal Shannon Cummings. "I think it's definitely going to make them want to read in part because it's brand new -- it's a brand new space. And because they like the way the space looks and it's made for them."

School administrators and foundation leaders say the great thing about these lounges is that they're informal. Students walk in sit down and relax and more importantly start reading.

Austin Hearn of The Reggie Jackson Determined to Assist Foundation said there are three new bookshelves, each stocked with other 600 books from Scholastic, their partner. 

It's been three years since Jackson started his Determined to Assist Foundation. This lounge at Gardner is number 8 for the foundation and officials say two more are expected to be launched this year.

"Reggie has always had a passion for literacy," Hearn said. "So when he started his foundation these literacy lounges or theses reading oasis, as like to call them, we stocked them with new furniture, colorful wall wraps, new books, new rugs, stools, etc. and he's very passionate about giving back to these children."

These students say they're grateful for Jackson's winning moves on the court and in their school.

"Thank you Reggie Jackson," said Parker. "It's important for you to read because if you don't you won't go nowhere in life, and if you do, you will."