Detroit police bust suspects in string of robberies and carjackings

Some big arrests for Detroit police in connection to possibly as many as eight different robberies.

"A series of robberies were coming in and all of the cases they were targeting female victims," said DPD Deputy Chief David LeValley.

After a number of robberies on the city's west side, Detroit Police got a crack in the case, he said.

"We ended up having another robbery that occurred at a Green Light location," LeValley said. "After the first series of robberies occurred, we assigned analysts and detectives watch Green Light locations and they actually watched it occur live on Green Light video."

Officers were immediately dispatched to the area and after detailed police work, the suspect vehicle was located.

"They were able to make a stop on the vehicle and make an arrest," LeValley said. "That led detectives to get a warrant at a house on the west side of the city, where they made three additional arrests."

The suspects are believed to be responsible for the string of robberies and carjackings are now in police custody

"So there were four suspects described in series of robberies, we believe we have all four in custody," he said.

And police say they also recovered other evidence - weapons, suspected stolen cell phones and other evidence linking the robberies.

And throughout the month, police believe the suspects could be responsible for at least eight robberies and two carjackings.

Investigators are also looking to see if theses robberies are connected in any way to this week's deadly robbery and home invasion. Police don't want to release the Green Light video just yet as their investigation continues.