Detroit police, community come together for National Night Out

National Night Out is an event that works to build relationships between police and the community.

"The biggest purpose for National Night Out is the law-enforcement community and our community are citizens coming together," said Lt. Kimberly Gabriel, Detroit police. "To work on solutions, to develop relationships in order to make our community safer."

The event allows police and the community to come together without crime tape or police lights.

"Each precinct has different activities, (like) splash pads, dunk tanks, pony rides, most of the precincts will have music, food, and that’s the best way to come together," Gabriel said.

Pamela Banks agrees that’s why she brought her grandkids.

"I think it’s good they know the police and the police to know them, you never know," Banks said.

Some Detroit police officers are not only participating in this yearly event, they’re also continuing a family tradition.

"I grew up in a family with a law-enforcement background and I’ve always enjoyed helping the community as a whole," said Officer Romeo Kue.

Police say they also want to use this event to thank the community for supporting them.

"We recently lost an officer, our fallen hero Loren Courts, and we were so touched by the outpouring of support from our community," said O'Brien.

Most importantly, Detroit police want residents to know they are valued.

"I hope that the citizens develop relationships with our police officers so we can work together," Gabriel said. "As law enforcement we can’t do this alone we need the community."