Detroit police debunk active shooter claims on social media

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Detroit police car (File photo)

Detroit police are clarifying that any allegations of an active shooter currently circulating social media are false.

The department issued a warning Tuesday that any alerts you might find on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform right now that claim there is an active shooter in Detroit or other locations are not true.

The DPD posted what appears to be a screenshot of a fake alert, claiming there is an active shooter in Detroit, as well as several other Michigan cities, and to see shelter immediately. The post falsely states there are three or more people knocking on doors and breaking into businesses. The message warns not to take Uber or Lyft, and to say home.

Detroit police say the message is not correct, and condemned the person or people responsible for creating the message.

"During a time where the county is mourning the loss of scores of innocent people, due to recent mass shootings, spreading false information such as this is malicious, it's reckless and irresponsible," they wrote. "It's important that accurate information is given to prevent fear."

The DPD says that if you did not hear it from the department, then it is not true.