Detroit Police, FBI dig behind home on east side in missing persons cases

WEB UPDATE (4:45 p.m.): Detroit police and FBI investigators were unable to find any evidence at this time from the dig by the end of the day Wednesday. It is unclear if the search will continue at the site. Stay with FOX 2 for more details from this developing story.

The original story is below.

The Detroit Police Department and the FBI are digging behind a home on the city's east side in a search for evidence connected to two missing persons cases.

According to police, the search is taking place behind a home near Dickerson and Canfield. Detroit Police Director Michael Woody said that both cases are from 2016 and unrelated. He would not elaborate further on details of either case.

Woody says they were tipped off to the home by a source connected to one of the missing persons cases.

Woody said that the home is vacant and has been for some time. He said that DPW, MSP, and FBI are all on the scene to help them clear the brush and overgrowth and search the property. Once that's completed, Woody said they'll then be able to search the land itself for shallow graves before moving on to the inside of the house.

"We're just getting started. It's a lot of trees and debris to get through. The property has been vacant for some time. There is a structure in backyard that's filled with items and debris," Woody said.

Woody said nothing has been found yet and they are not saying which missing persons cases they are investigating.

He did, however, say that both cases were from 2016 and that they were not related to each other.