Detroit Police Officer Association president charged with felony

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The president of the Detroit Police Officers Association is on the wrong side of the law as Mark Diaz has been charged with destroying property and reckless driving.

Diaz is likely a familiar face to FOX 2 viewers, giving frequent interviews, but Friday he was in a Clarkston courtroom.

The incident allegedly happened on Dec. 20.

Michigan State Police was called to investigate damage to a fence and culvert near Holly Academy allegedly caused by Diaz.  The damage according to court reports, is between $1,000 and $20,000 dollars which is a felony, considered malicious destruction of property.
His attorney James Thomas says these charges are not characteristic of Diaz.

"His record is spotless, he has no convictions," said Thomas. "There is no doubt that he will appear when you direct him. We have voluntarily appreared here today and we ask you to give him a personal bond."

Because of that clean record Diaz was allowed to walk out on a $10,000 personal bond under the condition he stays off school property.  

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said

"As I've done consistently, throughout my tenure here, whenever an officer is charged with a felony (they) are suspended without pay," Craig said. "The appropriate phrase is 'Administrative leave without pay.'"

The chief added that he has had a good relationship with Diaz who is cooperating and fully anticipates that to be the case going forward.