Detroit police officer injured in crash with murder suspect will recover

The Detroit police officer who was injured in a collision is a 20-year veteran and the good news is that he is expected be okay.

This was how the chase of a man wanted for a homicide came to end.

"We heard sirens, like a lot of sirens," said a witness. "And we saw the police officers chase the gray Impala. And another set came and trapped him in - and that's how he ended up in the grass."

"A T-bone collision into the officer's vehicle," said Cmdr. Eric Decker.

It started around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday. close to the intersection of Shoemaker and Pennsylvania on the city's east side. A patrol car spotted the suspect and gives chase.

"He fled from their mere appearance," Decker said. "I don't believe they didn't even get a chance to light him up or engage him in a traffic stop."

During the pursuit, more officers got involved including an undercover officer in a Kia, who ultimately stopped the chase. The impact pinned the officer inside his car. Cmdr. Eric Decker says he was in pain and needed help.

"We had to use the jaws of life and fire department - great response by them - EMS -  did a great job to get him out of the vehicle and safely here to (Detroit Receiving Hospital)."

"They had to pry him out. literally." the witness said. "There is still evidence of them breaking the window and prying him out."

Once at the hospital the diagnosis for the officer improved.

"The good news is he looks like he is going to be okay," Decker said. "Right now it's negative for any broken bones or anything."

As for the suspect -  "He was arrested right in that immediate area whether he ran or was still in the vehicle, when other officers responded they were very close in proximity."

We're told officers took the suspect to the hospital as a precaution even though he denied being injured. He is also expected to be ok. No details have been released about which murder case the suspect is connected to.