Woman charged with kidnapping 4 small children; officers praised for arrest before they were harmed

A mother of four small children cried tears of relief while thanking Detroit police for saving them from an alleged kidnapping.

"I want to thank everyone that my children are back home safe," said Shayla Burleigh.

Police say suspect Stephanie Marie Binder was charged with kidnapping Burleigh’s four children as they walked to school on Tuesday.

Suspect Stephanie Marie Binder

Suspect Stephanie Marie Binder 

Ring doorbell video provides a small window of what that frightening moment was like for those kids ages 5 to 11, as the white van can be seen speeding by.

"I hope she gets the maximum sentence," Burleigh said. "I can't say what I really want to say."

"Watching the video of the incident it was quick, it was disturbing how fast she was able to get the kids into the vehicle," said Det. Flanders, DPD.

But as Binder ran a red light - catching the attention of two Detroit Police officers who noticed something wasn’t right with the driver’s body language. Instead of just writing a ticket they began asking questions.

"(They asked) 'Are these your children,' to which she said yes, but the children were shaking their head no," said DPD Chief James White.

That’s when police knew something was wrong and arrested Binder.

The officers whose quick thinking save the kids acknowledged at a press conference on Friday

"I have kids at home, so it actually gave me joy to get these kids back home with their mother," said Officer Flannel.

DPD Officer Parrish

DPD Officer Parrish

"When it comes to policing sometimes it’s the right place at the right time," said Officer Parrish. "That day I feel like I was at the right place at the right time - and I am happy they’re at home with you."

"I cried, I just cried - when I saw my daughter she ran up to me and gave me the biggest hug," their mother said. "I’m just happy that they were not harmed."

Binder is facing several charges including four counts of kidnapping and has a $5 million bond.

"There were some things that were troubling and alarming per the interrogation," Flanders said. "We’re not going to release that right now."

Police say Binder does have a criminal background but "nothing to this magnitude."

DPD Officer Flannel

DPD Officer Flannel