Detroit police team places 10th in 120-mile foot race, beating Chief Craig's former department

A group of police officers representing the City of Detroit took part in a 120-mile foot race from California to Las Vegas to raise money for charity.

The 35th Annual Baker to Vegas took place earlier this month, featuring law enforcement agencies from around the country. They competed against each other for bragging rights and to fundraise for fallen officers. 

The Detroit Police Department sent a team for the second year. 

"A lot of the agencies really look up to the Detroit Police Department, what we've done and what we've done overall for law enforcement municipalities across the country and it's just refreshing to go down and they love to see us there," said Detroit Police Capt. Melissa Gardner.

This year, the DPD team finished 10th in their class -- a big improvement from a year ago, when Gardner says they placed 177th overall. There was one team Chief James Craig wanted to beat in particular -- his former employer in Los Angeles.

"The Detroit Police Department will not be beat by the Los Angeles Police Department. And guess what? You did that. There were some sour faces in Los Angeles," he said. "There was no LAPD that beat you, so for that I'm deeply grateful."

There's no way to prepare for the hot days and cold days that runners experience during the race. Meanwhile, Gardner was given the Heart and Soul award for the team.

"I was awarded this race for the ability to endure the physical side of running this particular race," she said.